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Collect data to generate savings


mTap Smart City platorm

Lighting management consumes time

We know that lighting management is time-consuming and requires a lot of work.Our research shows that people responsible for lighting do not have time to adjust the operating scenarios.

Our solution generates savings, based on collected data by using artificial intelligence

Measurable savings


With smart suggestions, implement citywide savings with only one tap.

Reduction of CO2 emissions


Saving energy reduces the consumption of CO2, each tap is a profit for the environment!

mTap lamp controller 

The mTap lamp controller is an LED lamp controller mounted on each street lamp using NEMA, ZHAGA sockets, or built directly into the lamps. It allows you to control individual lamps using DALI or 1-10V protocols.


  • Can be mounted to a lamp in 3 ways – NEMA, ZHAGA, or built into the lamp
  • Low-energy method of data transmission – LTE-M network
  • Possibility of built-in other sensors

mTap data platform

The driver management platform enables:

  • Creating action scenarios.
  • Monitoring of lamp status on an ongoing basis.
  • Creating and controlling circuits from an individual lamp.
  • Changing the brightness of the single lamp.
  • Single lamp on / off.


mTap Smart City platorm

Advantages of the system

Energy savings


The possibility of setting the brightness level of the lamp in various operating scenarios drastically reduces energy consumption, and thus reduces electricity costs.

Reduced carbon footprint


By varying the brightness of the lamp, street lighting control systems save electricity, helping to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions from cities.


Increased control and visibility

Lamp failures as well as other problems are automatically detected to operate faster and to increase street safety. The street lighting control system monitors every light point.

Less maintenance effort



Appropriate and optimal lighting management can increase the life of the lamps, reducing the amount of conversational work required, which in turn will reduce the cost of this work.


Choosing the right energy tariff


The system collects data from individual circuits and displays them in the user’s application window. Thanks to the obtained data, the user can choose the appropriate energy tariff for his region.


Acquisition of data from sensors and analysis of energy consumption

The system collects data from sensors connected to the controller via a universal sensor bus. It is planned to use light intensity sensors and motion sensors.



mTap Smart City moves to Olsztyn - 10.2020

As part of the Warmińsko-Mazurski Startup Incubator mTap Smart City moves to Olsztyn. From today we will be available in the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park. When the pandemic ends, make sure to visit us!

MVP mTap Smart City product is now available - 06.2020

Our product MVP is now available. We presented it during Time of Heroes. Our incubation in the Startup Heroes Platform is slowly coming to an end. It was an intense six months!

mTap Smart City in the Space3ac accelerator - 07.2020

mTap Smart City has qualified for the Space3ac accelerator. As part of the accelerator, the startup will test its products together with Luxon LED. At the beginning of 2021, you will be able to see the effects of cooperation.

mTap Smart City starts operating in the Startup Heroes platform - 01.2020

Our product was appreciated by the jury of the Startup Heroes platform. We are about to start the incubation at the Science and Technology Park in Ełk. As part of the Startup Heroes platform, the MVP of the mTap Smart City product will be implemented – see you in June.



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